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Believe in the successful restoration of indigenous glutinous rice varieties

From November 2nd to November 11th, SRD collaborated with the Department of Plantation and Plant Protection in Son La province, the People's Committee of Thuan Chau district and the People's Committees of Muoi Noi and Bon Phung communes to organize 08 workshops about the model of Climate Smart Rice (CSR) and the restoration of native rice varieties. This activity is part of the project "Conservation and development of agro-biodiversity for poor people in response to climate change in Son La province ", organized by Bread for the World and Manos Unidas
Each workshop attracted from 45 to nearly 60 participants and local people. Participants from the provincial departments and villages had opportunities to visit, observe and listen to the results and discussed about the CSR rice cultivation and restoration of indigenous rice varieties in demonstration farms. Moreover, delegates, local people in 8 villages had continued to exchange and share more experiences and results of the above activities.
Couching people to directly cultivate CSR rice and restoration of indigenous glutinous rice varieties is extremely important in conserving valuable rice varieties as well as securing agro-ecosystems, avoiding bad effects from hybrid rice varieties and the dependency of the people on the use of chemical fertilizers, plant protection chemicals (especially herbicides). This activity also contributes to local authorities taking strategic action in conserving and developing the biodiversity of agriculture in the two project communes in particular and Thuan Chau district in general.
So far, after two crops of CSR rice cultivation, 240 households in 8 villages have realized that CSR rice cultivation is very meaningful. There are 200 households applying CSR rice in half of the cultivating area of their family. All people applying CSR use pure rice varieties, absolutely not hybrids. They could reduced 50-60% of paddy seeds. They also did not use herbicides and reduce from 2 to 3 times spraying pesticides per crop. Productivity also increased from 20% to 30%. These results have been shared by many people in the workshops, as well as in the training sessions organized by the SRD Centre and Department of Information and Department of Plantation and Plant Protection in Son La province.
For experiment on restoration of native glutinous rice variety. After some experiments, people realized that the ways they cultivating according to traditional experience were inaccurate. In Tan Lanh and Tan Nhe rice fields, their rice varieties were mixed with 4 to 7 different glutinous rice varieties. 240 trainees in 8 villages also experienced that the mixture varieties of rice will negatively affect the cultivating and productivity. It is expected that after 3 years of implementation, this project will support the people to restore at least two valuable indigenous glutinous rice varieties which are Tan Lanh and Tan Nhe.

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