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SRD is striving to become a gender-responsive organization in the range of our internal organization, our community-level programs and our advocacy coalition towards gender equality. Our gender mainstreaming activities are aiming at ensuring that all women and men among SRD’s staff and projects’ targeted groups have equal opportunities to access to all resources, in order to develop their capacity and obtain equal benefits.

Child Protection

SRD has built the Child Protection Policy since 2013 with the goal of saving the best interests of children, who are not only the direct beneficiaries but also the partners in the implementation of our projects in the community, as well as creating a safe environment for the stakeholders. In 2014, SRD has started to integrate this policy into our project activities and applied this policy to our entire staffs, volunteers, technical advisors, partners and beneficiaries in the community.

People with Disabilities 

Supporting People with Disabilities (PwD) is a cross-cutting issue integrated into all of SRD’s projects. We strive to ensure the participation of PwD in our project activities. SRD also implements some projects that specifically support those affected by disabilities in the three tenets of livelihood, physical and mental health improvement. 


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