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Cross-cutting Issues



Children, women and girls protection (gender equality) and people with disabilities support (PwDs) are the three cross cutting themes of SRD’s projects to support vulnerable groups; in addition to other key interventions such as  climate change, forestry and sustainable livelihoods.



SRD has been developing the Child Protection policy since 2013 to protect the best interests of children who are not only beneficiaries but also partners involved in project implementation in the community, aiming to create a safe environment for stakeholders. The SRD has integrated this policy into program and project activities. This policy applies to all employees, volunteers, consultants working under contracts and partners, beneficiaries at communities.

- Some impacts from the projects:

• Community learning playground for 254 children and children with disabilities (CwD) in Gio Linh district. Participating in different activities helped them become more integrated and confident. Parents of CwD also learned how to organize the same activities in the future;

• Children’s summer camp was held in 2019 for 270 children and Youth’s Union members from 13 elementary and secondary schools in Gio Linh district, in which the participants were guided through first aids practices for drowning victims, aiming to a safe and useful summer;

• The sharing sessions were held on the topic “Protecting children from sexual abuse” for 44 members of the parent’s group of CwD and other club members. Parents then exchanged and discussed their own experiences in sex education and awareness of protecting children from the risk of sexual abuse;

• Initial screenings prior to home based visits for 33 children with disabilities in 9 project communes, 9 CwDs out of which have made significant improvements and 18 have seen with gradual improvements. Physical improvements have led to spiritual improvements of both the CwD and their parents, while also increased children’s independence and happiness found at parents.



United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and SRD also focuses on this in our intervention programs and projects in communities as well as in the organization's activities. SRD is interested in promoting value of gender equality and empowering women in Vietnam because they often have less opportunities to participate, particularly in decision making in some rural areas.

- Some impacts from the projects

• The ratio of women participating in the project “Agro-biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to Climate Change in Son La Province” is always above 70%. For example, indigenous chicken raising group is 72.8% (150 female/56 male); climate smart rice group (CSR) is 82.5% (198 female/42 male); Village savings and loan associate (VSLA) 89% (206 female/25 male);

• The total number of direct and indirect beneficiaries of the project “Empowering people with disabilities”, by November 2019, is 1909 and 5727, respectively. The ratio of male beneficiaries is 50.06% (of which male with disabilities is 17.18%, boys accounting for 7.17%). The ratio of women accounts for 49.94% (of which the women with disabilities accounts for 16%, and girls accounting for 8.4%). 


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 People with disabilities are often the most vulnerable group in society facing difficulties in terms of economic development, social inclusion and job opportunities. SRD implements projects that support people with disabilities, focusing on building their own organizations, improving livelihoods, strengthening resilience as well as social inclusion, participating in making plans for disaster risk prevention and climate change adaptation. Simultaneously, SRD assures all of the supporting programs include advocating and promoting the rights of PwDs, while being accessible to PwDs and bringing positive impacts to PwDs.

 - Some of our activities:

  • Established and consolidated operation of PwDs’ group: 2 new clubs were set up, bringing the number of clubs to 9 with 594 members in 9 project communes; 5 parents groups under the clubs and 2 community based classes with 11 children with disabilities (CwD);
  • Supported and Improved livelihoods: 7 households having members with disabilities were supported; a 6-member group and 90 households having PwD accessed revolving loans for production and business were established. The total number of VSLA groups set up and operated increased to 12 groups in 9 communes, that helped create on-site capital sources available and suitable for PwDs. Annually, there are about 500 rounds of loan takers for 255 VSLA group members;
  • Improved physical and mental health: Home based visits were made to 45 adults and CwDs; 30 out of which were provided with rehabilitation aids; 254 children and CwDs in Gio Linh district participated in community learning playgrounds;
  • Strengthened resilience: Through communication activities, training and rehearsals on inclusive disaster risk reduction, 322 PwDs, their caregivers and community members have been more proactive in preparedness and responding as well as reducing vulnerabilities and improving resilience, aiming to ensure safety for not only vulnerable groups but also for the whole community.


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