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SRD recognizes that children constitute a vulnerable group and we are therefore committed to protecting this group. We ensure that our projects are empowering children while promoting their safety and livelihoods. We believe children are not only the direct beneficiaries, but are also important participants that should be encouraged to have a voice about the future.

SRD’s commitments to child protection are reflected in organization’s operation and implementation of every single project. The organization has developed a robust child protection policy and mainstreamed into all SRD’s activities and continually raise awareness and built capacity for staff on child protection issues.

Some of our impacts:

-In the 2017 Children's forum, children were able to voice their concerns about issues that are affecting their safety and development.

-Children with

disabilities received regular support in education and rehabilitation through peer-to-peer learning sessions, regular health check-ups, and rehabilitation activities.

-School-based clubs and groups for children have been supported with child-led activities focusing on topics such as environmental protection, violence against children, and the harmful effects of pesticides on agriculture and health.


Women and Girls





Women in Vietnam, particularly single women-headed households in rural communities, are historically disadvantaged and continue to face obstacles such as poverty, limited employment opportunities, and discrimination.  

SRD is striving to become a gender-responsive organization across our internal organization, our community-level programs and our advocacy coalition towards gender equality. Our gender mainstreaming activities are aiming at ensuring that all women and men among SRD’s staff and projects’ targeted groups have equal opportunities to access to all resources, in order to develop their capacity and obtain equal benefits. 

Some of our impacts:

-Implemented 15 Village Savings and Loan Association (VSLA) clubs, involving 400 poor women, in two project communes in Tinh Gia District, Thanh Hoa Province.

-Farmer groups were established in Quang Nam and Thai Nguyen Provinces, with a 50% female membership, providing opportunities for women to participate in decision making at the commune and village level


People with Disabilities





PwDs are often the most vulnerable group in society, facing difficulties in terms of economic development, social inclusion and job opportunities. SRD implements projects that support people with disabilities, focusing on building their own organizations, improving livelihoods, strengthening resilience as well as social inclusion, participating in making plans for disaster risk prevention and climate change adaptation. Simultaneously, SRD assures all the supporting programs include advocating and promoting the rights of PwDs, while providing access and promoting positive impacts to PwDs.

Some of our impacts:

-Supported PwDs clubs in 5 project communes, where the groups participated in activities such as: capacity building sessions, awareness raising activities on the rights of PwDs, exchange visits, and study tours.

-Worked with government agencies and local authorities to officially establish the Association of PwDs at the commune and district level, in order to provide a legal foundation for the operation of PwDs

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