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 With grassroots level engagement, NGOs have been successful in developing and implementing models for poverty reduction and development. In many cases, however, there is limited collaboration between organizations. This impacts the effectiveness of NGO activity, hindering the opportunity to exchange information, share experiences and advocate as a group for common goals.

Acknowledging the value of collaboration amongst NGOs, SRD is strongly committed to facilitating and participating in different NGO networking opportunities.

As the Chair of VNGO-FLEGT and VNGO&CC Network, SRD continues strengthening its networking capabilities, bringing its voice and that of other CSOs to national, regional and international forums

Learn more about VNGO: http://vngo-cc.vn/ 


-Workshop on "Strengthening the Participation of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in REDD+

-International Conference on "Development and Implement of National Adaptation Plan for Vietnam based on the local and international adaptation experience"

-EU Climate Diplomacy Fair in Hanoi

-Consultation workshop among CSOs on SiRAP/BDS monitoring and evaluation in UN-REDD Program 


-The Asia-Pacific Research Network (APRN) Conference in Japan

-Workshop on "How Can the EU Protect the World's Forest by Tackling Corruption?" in the European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium

-The 13th Meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD COP 13) in Ordos, China

-The 27th Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting at Chatham House in London, UK


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