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In recent years, the number of NGOs registered in Vietnam has increased rapidly and the focus of NGO work has expanded. With grassroots level engagement, NGOs have been successful in developing and implementing models for poverty reduction and development. In many cases, however, there is limited collaboration between organizations. This impacts the effectiveness of NGO activity, hindering the opportunity to exchange information, share experiences and advocate as a group for common goals.
Acknowledging the value of collaboration amongst NGOs, SRD is strongly committed to facilitating and participating in different NGO networking opportunities. Since its establishment in 2006, SRD has been a founding member and chair of local networks including VNGO&CC, VNGO-FLEGT, and an active member of many other major local networks. SRD also actively participates in a broad range of regional and international networks, contributing to development at an international level.
SRD's most significant networking commitment is our role as Chair of the Vietnamese NGOs and Climate Change (VNGO&CC) network. The network was founded in September 2008 with the aim of supporting the government's efforts to help the poor respond to climate change and operational regulations issued in reaction to climate change. With more than 300 organizations and individuals registered, the network has actively engaged and contributed to climate change response efforts in Vietnam.
SRD is the Chair of the Steering Committee of the Network of Vietnamese NGOs on Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (NGO-FLEGT). The Network has been actively contributing to the negotiation and implementation processes of VPA-FLEGT in Vietnam.
SRD is also a member of the Programme Executive Board of the UN-REDD Viet Nam Phase II Programme.

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