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In the air of the 65th anniversary of martyrs and war invalids' day, on 20th July 2012, SRD in collaboration with Section of Labor, Invalid Soldiers and Social Affairs (SoLISA) of Gio Linh district and People's Committee of three communes, Gio My, Gio Hai and Gio Linh gave out gifts given to a number of households under social policy but living in difficult conditions, whose relatives and children are disabled as a result of war.

The family of Mr. Nguyen Van Gia in Cam Pho village, Gio My commune has 4 children with a disability. Mr. Gia previously fought at the battle field of Quang Tri. His daughter is stunted, sickly though she is young; his son, Mr. Nguyen Van Chien with malfunctioning limbs is unable to work and help support the family. The case of Mr. Pham Dinh Loi in Village 7, Gio Hai commune is more difficult when he is himself is unable to move and so all activities are dependent on his Mother. His wife and son are also unable to help physically and financially because of mental abnormalities. Family expenses are mainly covered by monthly allowance from the State and in particular Agent Orange.

This is one of the social spiritual activities that the project "Support to People with Disabilities" in Gio Linh district has been implementing at three communes mentioned above. The project is funded by Caritas Australia through SRD from 2012 to 2015.

The war was over more than 30 years, but its consequences can still be seen today. Fathers and mothers, who had devoted their youth to the defense of their country, are presently struggling with life to care for their children with a disability. The State has a policy of support but life is still very difficult. People with disabilities in general and war victims in particular need much more help from various organizations and individuals so that the standard of living for the disadvantaged in Vietnam can increase.


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