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Project activities implemented by the Women's Union of Ca Mau province from September 2021 to March 2022 - “Climate and mangrove protection combined with income improvement for vulnerable communities” - VM069
Report on project activities - “Climate and mangrove protection combined with income improvement for vulnerable communities” - VM069
Report on Forest Governance
Report on Labour Obligations (Section 3)
Gender Statement
Report on Developing an indicator framework and database for VPA FLEGT monitoring and evaluation impacts on ethnic minority
Consultation report on the Role and Position of VPA/FLEGT for Vietnam's Forestry and the required adjustments
Summary Report: Gender Issues in Afforestation Households and Timber-Processing and Manufacturing Small and Micro-scale Enterprises
The fourth volume of VNGO-EVFTA's Newsletter
Report on forest governance in the context of Vietnam – European Union Free Trade Agreement and VPA/FLEGT
Policy Brief on Legal timber from intensive plantation areas
Policy Brief on Vietnamese Large Timber Forest
Policy Brief on The reduction of environmental impacts of wood processing by small and medium enterprises
Policy Brief on Rights of Ethnic minorities and Local communities (ELC) over forest and forestry land, the implementation of Chapter 13.8 of the EVFTA and VPA/FLEGT
Baseline survey on forest status and forest protection management system at Tam Giang Protection Forest Management Board and Mui Ca Mau National Park, Ca Mau Province - KEY FINDINGS
Research and assessment of socioeconomic status and gender in the project “Mangrove and climate protection combine with income generation for vulnerable communities” – VM069
Policy Brief: "Gaps and potential risks in the implementation of regulations on labour contracts, employee insurance, and occupational safety in micro and small-sized timber enterprises in the context of VPA-FLEGT"
Updating the review of issues relating to forest governance and measures against illegal timber trade, VPA implementation
Report on capacity-building needs assessment for VNGO-EVFTA Network members
Climate Finance Adaptation Study Report: Vietnam
Research Reports on Sustainable Forest Governance and Timber Trade
Materials for the Third Multi-stakeholder Forum on "Sustainable Forest Governance and Timber Trade Monitoring"
Framework indicators and reporting base. Developing and piloting an indicator framework for monitoring the impact of VPA/FLEGT on Small and Medium-sized timber enterprises in Vietnam
Report on Vietnam’s NDC: Strengthening forest governance to ensure successful forest restoration
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