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World No Pesticide Use Week Media Event

Học sinh và giáo viên trường THCS xã Muổi Nọi tham gia sự kiện web

As part of World No Pesticide Use Week, on 11 December 2020, SRD collaborated with Son La Planting and Plant Protection Sub-Department (PPSD) and the Muoi Noi Primary - Secondary School and held a media event for the students.

About 450 primary and secondary school students and the teachers have attended and participated in the event activities.

Tiết mục múa truyền thống của học sinh nhà trường web

At the event, Mrs Hoang Thi Sen has given a speech about the program's goals. The representative of Son La PPSD, Mr Pham Van Tho has shared with the students about the harms of pesticides on our health and the environment. In his presentation, Mr Tho also showed how pesticides contaminate our air, soil and water, polluting the environment and causing biodiversity loss; how to use pesticides safely: use the right chemical for the right disease/pest with the right dose and follow the instructions on the label; how to identify toxicity levels of pesticides through reading labels: red is extremely toxic, yellow is highly toxic, blue is moderately toxic and green is slightly toxic.

Bà Hoàng Thị Sen - Quản lý dự án phát biểu và chia sẻ về mục đích và ý nghĩa của sự kiện web

Mrs Hoang Thi Sen


Ông Phạm Văn Thọ - đại diện Chi cục TT và BVTV tỉnh Sơn La chia sẻ web

Mr Pham Van Tho

Mr Bui Quoc Quan has hosted a quiz about the harmful effects of pesticides while sharing with the students the results of a survey on students' knowledge about the effects of pesticides in Thai Nguyen and Nam Dinh.

The school principal has emphasized and summarized the harmful effects of pesticides on people’s health, especially children’s.

Ông Bùi Quốc Quân - Cán bộ chương trình giao lưu và chia sẻ với học sinh và giáo viên về báo cáo khảo sát CPAM tại Thái Nguyên và Nam Định năm 2018 web

Mr Bui Quoc Quan

Next, 12 groups of 4-6 children each joined in drawing pictures on the topic "the effects, safe use and reducing the use of pesticides". After 30 minutes, the students with other friends and organizers grouped the content of the pictures in groups of dos and don’ts with members of each team explaining their team's pictures.

Đại diện các nhóm trình bày về tranh vẽ web

Students explaining their pictures

During those 30 minutes, Mr Tho and other students reviewed the harmful effects and how to reduce the use of pesticides, the ones who answered correctly got gifts from the program.

Đại diện học sinh với banner hưởng ứng tuần lễ No Pesticide Use Week năm 2020 web

At the end of the event, all the students, teachers and the organizers took photos and passed out flyers, expected each student to become advocates for limiting the use of pesticides locally.

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