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People with Disabilities take action on natural disaster response

Vietnam is at the forefront of climate change. Mountainous and coastal communities in central Vietnam have struggled to deal with an increasing prevalence of flooding, landslides and other associated natural disasters that can leave people vulnerable. People with disabilities may find themselves especially vulnerable in disaster situations, as they may face difficulties in evacuating or responding to disasters due to a variety of factors. SRD has aimed to support people with disabilities in three communities in the Gio Linh district in Quang Tri province to share their indigenous knowledge, prepare and reduce the risk of disaster in the future.


On September 16, 17 and 18, the SRD Hue team conducted three separate Disaster Risk Reduction workshops in the communes of Gio Hai, Gio My and Gio Linh town. The workshops each had approximately 30 people with disabilities and/or their caregivers and family members in attendance. Over 90 people participated over the three days of learning and sharing their own indigenous knowledge of disaster awareness and prevention.

The workshops are designed provide information on local disasters and disasters in Vietnam. They examine how and why people with disabilities may be vulnerable in disasters, and how to reduce this risk. Taking an interactive and participatory approach, the workshop groups share knowledge and experiences with each other through visual aids, group work and presentations.

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The workshops aim to help people with disabilities to prepare for best practices and things not to do before, during and after a natural disaster. The group draws out risk maps with information about specific areas and vulnerable populations and groups. Discussions about how community members and caregivers can help people with disabilities cope with disaster are also important. Prevention of possible risk and disease is another important element of helping people take action.


Each participant receives a basic disaster reduction toolkit: a life jacket, a torch, a rain coat and a 20L container of water. With preparation and diligence the hazards or disasters for people with disabilities can be reduced and mitigated – and communities can become more resilient and inclusive in the face of climate change. SRD is proud to work within the communities of the Gio Linh district in Quang Tri to help people with disabilities take action on climate change.

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