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Implementation of Vienam’s committment to Paris Agreement in response to climate change

Characterized by geographical location, Vietnam is regarded as a country strongly vulnerable to climate change impact. The government of Vietnam together with local civil society actors have endeavoured to minimize negative impacts of climate change to Vietnamese, especially the poor and vulnerable. One remarkable effort can be cited is signature of Vietnam to the Paris Agreement (PA) at COP 21 in 2015. Despite of controversial argument about "real" influence of the Agreement, PA was welcome as a crucial milestone in negotiation history on greenhouse gas emission reduction based on consensus of 195 countries, including billion-populated countries such as China, India and developed countries in the world.

Recorded in August 2017 by UNFCC, 160 countries ratified the Agreement and put this document into effect in their countries. PA was ratified and came into force in 04/11/2016 in Vietnam.

On the morning of August 29th 2017, representatives of Vietnamese NGO and INGO commented to the actionplan of Vietnam in advancing its commitment in the PA in the "Conference for the Northern Region on Implementation of the Paris Agreement". The government of Vietnam will implement 68 projects within two periods of 2016-2020, and 2021-2030, covering 5 areas, such as (i) mitigate greenhouse gas emission, (ii) adapt to climate change, (iii) prepare resources, (iv) establish a transparent and accountable system, (v) develop and consolidate related legal documents as well as institution.

At the conference, Ms Vu Bich Hop, Director of Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) cum core member of CCWG and Chairperson of VNGO-CC, put forward that "participation of NGOs in finalizing and implementing the nationally determined country plan (NDC) for period of 2016-2020 is necessary. They will help channel voices of communities to policy makers, and support to scale up successful models of climate change adaptation and mitigation". This point was positively supported by the representative of Department of Climate Change of MARD.

Implementation of Paris Agreement marks an important transition, made by Vietnam particularly and the world generally, in exploring and operating environment friendly production and consumption models that reduce dependence on fossil fuels and open opportunity for development of renewable energy sources.

NAP 3082017

Mrs. Vu Thi Bich Hop, Director of SRD, member of CCWG and also Chair of the Steering Committee of the Vietnamese NGO Climate Change Network (VNGO&CC)  

NAP 2 3082017

Mrs. Pham Hoang Mai, Representative of DSENRES,MPI 

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Whole workshop after the morning session

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