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Communication, Research & Advocacy

In order to provide the most effective strategies for poverty reduction and social justice, CSOs need to not only act as charities or service providers, but should also actively contribute at the advocacy and policy making level. SRD has been in partnership with government agencies, organizations and national networks to conduct research in the field relating to Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, forest governance, REDD+ and FLEGT, Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA). The research is used to identify gaps in current policies, and to orient the development of the new policies. For instance, citing research for considerations in drafting National Adaptation Plan (NAP) 2021-2030 period, vision 2050; commenting on the draft decree regulating Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System (VNTLAS). Additionally, SRD joined the research on “Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the Forestry Sector: Opinions and Recommendations of CSOs". The research evaluates the commitment of the forestry sector to contribute to NDC. In addition to community-level research and advocacy, SRD conducts communication activities which, through the demonstration of positive impacts, aim to raise awareness and change behaviour among the people and local authorities regarding forest protection, FLEGT, REDD+, disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation and Climate Smart Agriculture.

  SRD and VNGO-FLEGT Network members conducted five research projects on "Timber legality compliance at the household level" in Phu Tho Province to analyze root causes and provide recommendation that ensure timber and forest dependent household are not negatively affected by the VPA/FLEGTBased on scientific evidence, SRD and its CSO networks contributed successful advocacy efforts towards the Vietnamese Government, which ultimately removed two extremely toxic pesticides (2,4-D and Paraquat) from the list of permitted pesticides in Vietnam.
{slider=Evidence Based Advocacy}Real world evidence underpins our approach to advocacy and policy guidance. The focus of our advocacy strategy is to deepen our work at the grass roots level, in order to gain practical experience and understanding of feasible interventions. We are committed to taking the lessons we learn from local experiences and the voice of poor, and represent them in high level policy development through strategic engagement with policy makers and our networking efforts.
Along with our practical project experience, SRD also conducts research into sustainable development and climate change issues across Vietnam. Recent action research projects have included the application of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Vietnam, the value chain of chickens in Phu Tho, and Boa Thai rice crops in Bac Kan. The research further strengthens SRD’s ability to reflect the voice of the poor, and to present isssues and successful initiatives from communities at the highest levels.

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