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Communication, Research & Advocacy


SRD has been in partnership with government agencies, organizations and national networks to conduct research in the field relating to i) Climate Change adaptation and mitigation, iii) forest governance, REDD+ and FLEGT, iii) climate smart agriculture (CSA). SRD has conducted many researches on various topics, which have been funded by EU, FAO, DFID organizations through Fern, Manos Unidas, etc.). The research is used to identify gaps in current policies, and to orient the development of the new policies. For instance, it’s been used in drafting national adaptation plan framework (NAP) 2021 - 2030 period, vision 2050; Commenting on the draft decree regulating Vietnam Timber Legality Assurance System (VNTLAS).

Based on the results and evidence obtained from research activities, SRD has been conducting advocacy activities in many different ways. As a result, the local community has been empowered to gather information and evidence related to the various impacts and to provide suggestions for improving development existing policies or programs. Advocacy activities are being implemented by SRD (i) directly by the SRD and/or (ii) indirectly through experts, networks, or professional organizations.

In addition to community-level research and advocacy, SRD conducts communication activities which, through the demonstration of positive impacts, target to change the awareness and behavior among the people and local authorities regarding forest protection, FLEGT, REDD+, disaster risk reduction, Climate Change adaptation and climate smart agriculture.


  • SRD and VNGO-FLEGT Network provided comments on the draft VNTLAS Decree. SRD also contributed directly to the draft of the Decree in meetings, as well as sent written comments to VNFOREST. SRD's comments have been acknowledged by VNFOREST;
  • Link of the recommendation: http://vngo-cc.vn/upload/SRD-Comment_on_Du_thao_VNTLAS-FINAL.pdf
  • Supported the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) to organize the 5th Multi-stakeholder Core Group Meeting on VPA-FLEGT (VPA CORE GROUP), in which VPA’s monitoring and assessment were considered in 3 components, including i) Assessment the operational readiness of VNTLAS system; ii) Independent assessment; iii) Monitor the impact of VPA;
  • Organized the second Forest Governance Monitoring Forum on monitoring and evaluation of impact of VPA-FLEGT, impact assessment on the ethnic minority groups, local communities involved and on their livelihoods, as well as impacts on households and the timber industry.

In the advocacy process, we use the evidence-based collected. The focus of our advocacy strategy is to deepen and further detail our work at the grassroots level, to gain practical experience and to develop the possible interventions. We are committed to review and apply the lessons learned from the local experience and the voices of the poor, and of their representatives in policy development process through the strategic engagement with senior policymakers and efforts within our network.

The SRD has conducted a number of studies based on surveys and assessments of target audiences such as: households, small, medium and micro-sized wood processing enterprises, commune organizations, local communities, etc. Below are some research reports and publications that SRD has made to contribute to advocacy:

  • The report "Assessment of initial status of compliance with the definition of household-level legal timber in Vietnam". The study was conducted in 7 provinces in Northwest (Hoa Binh), Northeast (Quang Ninh), North Central (Nghe An, Quang Binh), South Central (Quang Nam, Binh Dinh), and the Central Highlands (Kon Tum). This report provides information on the ability to meet timber legality criterion (LD) of two groups of LD-related objects in VPA-FLEGT including planting, logging and wood processing group. This assessment is to reflect the current situation for the above issues in the pre-negotiation stage, thereby helping the authorities to make adjustments to the content and terms in the negotiation process in accordance with the actual conditions of Vietnam.
  • Report on "Survey report on the status of afforestation households, micro and small-sized wood processing enterprises prior to implementing VPA-FLEGT". SRD and the VNGO-FLEGT Network members developed a database of current status of afforestation household, small-scale wood processing enterprises in four districts of four provinces with a abundant of planted forests and wood processing units prior to VPA-FLEGT implementation. Information collected and aggregated from 647 afforestation households, 36 wood processing enterprises, and 39 functional officials. The study provides an initial set of indicators corresponding to three impact areas: 1- Income of household cultivating production forest and wood processing enterprises; 2- Easy to do business, and 3- Market. This set of indicators will be used as a basis for assessing the impact of VPA on the two target groups including the households cultivating production forest and small and micro sized wood processing enterprises.
  • A Manual for CSOs to monitor the impact of VPA on afforestation households and wood processing enterprises. The manual provides guidance and tools for monitoring the impact of VPA-FLEGT on two groups of small & micro wood processing enterprises and afforestation households.
  • Report "Research and exchange of forest governance in Vietnam". The report consists of 3 brief documents on some contents related to forest governance, namely: 1-Transparency in forestry production; 2 - Issues of land use right certificates for afforestation households; 3. Gender issues in forestry production.
  • The NDC Vietnam Report: "Enhancing forest governance for successful forest restoration". This report provides some typical examples to demonstrate the importance of forest governance and community rights in forest rehabilitation. The overall objective of this research is to support and propose a transparent and participatory NDC process to reach to the new level of climate change response, increasing the ability of success and creating opportunity for people to monitor NDC implementation.
  • Report "Challenges and Opportunities of Vietnam - European Union Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) to women and social organizations". The report is based on gender-related findings from two baseline surveys in seven provinces and Hanoi, in which the first survey was conducted to 647 households and microenterprises, the second was for 86 medium and small sized enterprises by SRD in collaboration with some members of VNGO-FLEGT and Binh Dinh Timber and Forest Products Association (FPA). The report analyzes the impact of VPA on women and identifies solutions for social organizations and NGOs to monitor and to improve gender equality in the context of VPA implementation in Vietnam. The report also made a number of recommendations to address gender issues through the VPA impact monitoring mechanism (VPA-IM).

Along with our practical project experience, SRD also conducts research into sustainable development and climate change issues across Vietnam. Recent action research projects have included the application of System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Vietnam, the value chain of chickens in Phu Tho, and Boa Thai rice crops in Bac Kan. The research further strengthens SRD’s ability to reflect the voice of the poor, and to present isssues and successful initiatives from communities at the highest levels.


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