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VNGO-FLEGT Participated in a Policy Advocacy Workshop

According to the VNGO-FLEGT Network's plan - developed in the Network Workshop held in Da Nang on 19/12/2015 - in 2016, The Network will facilitate advocacy policy to state CSOs' role in governance's effectiveness. Thus, VNGO-FLEGT and SRD are planning to expedite the advocacy plan in 2016.


On 13th March- 14th March 2016, SRD and Facilitator Dorothea Konstantinidis organized the workshop on building VNGO-FLEGT Network’s advocacy plan.  Besides, Mrs. Hop also shared her experiences how to deliver the message in one and a half minutes to convince the stakeholders and represent the Network. 

Mrs. Hop chia se thong tin cap nhap ve chuong trinh UNREDD va tien trinh dam phan VPA-001

Mrs. Vu Thi Bich Hop - SRD Director, Chair of the VNGO-FLEGT Network shared the updates of UNREDD+ Program and the VPA negotiation process.

vdcs 14 15

Mrs. Dorothea Konstantinidis presented in the workshop

This workshop, with the participation of heads of organization members and Facilitator Mrs. Thea, proposed a road map for structuring a successful plan, based on SMART objectives, Institution, Indicator Ladder. This provides a step by step method, including the evaluation of each step, to create an effective and efficient advocacy plan.

Some photos from the workshop: 



vdcs 3


SRD's officers and other members of the network discussed and presented


 Dorothea Konstantinidis


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