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noi that hoa phat

Joining hands for a safer winter

Throughout the year, families in Thai Dương Ha Nam commune have always lived in anxiety because the sea bank running through village has been broken more and more seriously by continuous heavy rains from the middle of September to November 2011.

When in October 2012 it is forecasted that a seventh storm has the potential to affect central provinces from Quang Binh to Binh Dinh, locals in the area began fear the worst. If the sea bank is eroded any further before the winter, this route can be cut off entirely. It means that over 85 families with 232 people in Huong Giang village will be isolated and daily activities of local people in Hai Duong commune in particular and the vicinities of Hue city in general will be affected.  Although this embankment is only temporary, it is very important for local people in Thai Duong Ha village.

Keeping this temporary embankment is crucial in protecting livelihoods and the activities of local people as well as preventing the salinity spread to outskirts of Hue city. Therefore, many local people have actively participated, from the youth to the elderly, both women and men, from transporting stones to shovelling sand into bags, or supporting spiritually to reduce fatigue. “I do not feel so tired, embankment is done again therefore we are so excited”, a woman in Thai Dương Ha Trung cheerfully said. “All people collaborate together to do well this embankment, thus the next winter will be more assured. If this route is cut off, the salty water will spread everywhere and will affect the rice, vegetables, aquaculture, and also running water.” Mr. Dao Duy Nhat in Thai Duong Ha Nam commune said. 

In this situation, with the attention of local authorities and Huong Tra district, in the morning of October 4th, over 200 local people in Thai Duong Ha village along with the Thuan An estuary Border Guard Force participated in constructing a temporary embankment to limit the effects of high tides in the coming storm season. According to Mr. Do Khac Loc, vice-chairman of People’s Committee in Hai Duong Commune, the total length of embankment is 220 metres and the width is 5 metres including 1100 m3 of rock, 400 iron cages sized 1.5 x 2 metres, 2100 m2 of geotextile, and 7000 bags. The estimated total cost is about 800 million dong taken partly from the budget of Thua Thien Hue Province, Huong Tra town and Hai Duong district. Therefore, local people in Thai Duong Ha commune, especially Huong Giang village can be more secure in the coming winter season. 

However, the temporary embankment is difficult to sustain over a long period with frequently high waves and high tides, especially in the storm season. Therefore, local authorities need to quickly plan for a concretized embankment to keep local people more assured and secure. Moreover, the knowledge about four-on the spot mottos in disaster prevention, safety family plan or the knowledge and skill about rescue which the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) has trained 6 rapid response teams in the commune and local people within the project " Community Based Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation” will help the authorities and local people in Hai Duong commune to better cope with disaster.




Broken sea bank






Putting rock into an iron cage




Workers relaxing after hard working hour



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