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"Workshop on Group Management and Presentation Skills"
Always full of laughter during the two days of training but there were times when our students had to argue, to squeeze their heads and think, even a little bit angry. They were challenged to discuss from different perspectives, to debate, and think harder about the issues at hand. In overcoming these obstacles the training course participants were able to gain communications, critical thinking, and presentation skills. However, what is learned after training is very much. We have heard and experienced many stories, ways of doing, good ideas in communication, while other students show their presentation skills so that we can be more confident. We also understood and sympathized for each other when joining interest groups, especially sympathizing with the members of group management, when they had to please everyone but still had to do so that the group is not opaque, not disintegrated ... It is fun and meaningful during the two days of training and very useful for the students not only in the project activities but also in the work in the community in long term! The workshops were a huge success.  

SRD organized two training courses on "Group management skills and presentation skills" for 60 participants of interest groups in 8 villages in the project from 5th to 8th August 2019. This is one of many activities in the framework of VM059 project implemented by SRD in Muoi Noi and Bon Phang communes, Thuan Chau district, Son La province funded by Bread for the World and sponsored by Manos Unidas.
To know more information about this 2 training class, please find the photos below:

1a 1

How can we get bored with this way of learning? The two siblings facing down on the table is not due to sleepiness, it's just that they have contributed a lot of effort to one of the above works and are praised so much by everyone, which make them shy

1a 2
 After hard work, the two siblings here have been subject of big praise and have their heads down out of embarrassment.

1a 3

 This is when we take a break and relax a bit. Teachers and members in organizing team always encourage, motivate and create the most comfortable environment for students to express themselves.

1a 4
After completing this exercise, group members better understand each other. Knowing the roles and positions of each person in the group allows them to better sympathize and collaborate on bettering the group.

1a 4
 Here too, when giving a presentation about the group's common house, every team is "Number one"

1a 5
After these exercises, all students are happier and more confident when they dare to tell others the events and stories have not been told before. They are also extremely excited and surprised when the group members give them positive characteristics.

1a 6

After serious discussion the groups are ready to perform their presentations to the group. All students and faculty members are supportive and encouraging.

1a 7
 After two days of training, two-class students are as fresh as flowers. Among these students, there will be many factors that can become farmer teachers in the future

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