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Forums on The role of forests in combating the effects of climate change

Within the framework of the project "Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the field of agriculture and forestry in the Northwest highlands" sponsored by Bread for the World, Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) in collaboration with Son La Forest Protection Department and Thuan Chau District People's Committee organized 04 forums on the role of forests in combating the impacts of climate change in 04 communes of Muoi Noi, Bon Phang, Nam Lau, and Chieng Pha, Thuan Chau district, Son La province from September 11th to 14th, 2021. The forums took place with the participation of 142 representatives of households participating in forest protection groups and poor/near-poor households (73 households, representing 51.4%) in the project villages of 4 communes. Beside participation of the farmers, there were the representatives of the Forest Protection Department and representatives of the Agriculture Department - Thuan Chau District People's Committee, Thuan Chau District Forest Protection Department, representatives of the People's Committees of 04 communes, and a reporter from the Son La Provincial Radio and Television Station in the forum. This is the second forum held in the project communes with the support and online supervision of SRD,

Despite the context of the complicated situation of COVID-19 and following the government and the local regulations on epidemic prevention and control, the forums were successfully held and increased awareness of the people and leaders in the localities in project villages/communes on the role of forests in combating the impacts of climate change and the importance of preserving and protecting existing local forest areas. In addition, through the Forum, people in 04 communes were able to exchange and share information about the status of forests, their functions in the district and project communes/villages, and the role of forests in fighting against the effects of hoarfrost, drought, flash flood...; the role in regulating water resources, storing carbon, improving water storage, preventing soil erosion. Representatives of households also discussed the causes of deforestation and forest degradation, which led to extreme weather events taking place in the locality. The forums also collected information that representatives of the Forest Protection Department of Thuan Chau district shared about the status of forest resources in the district and its role in protecting the water resources of rivers of national importance such as the Da River, as well as the role of forests in combating the effects of climate change.

At the end of the forums, the participants understood the importance of preserving forests and strengthening forest management and protection to contribute to reducing forest degradation in the context that the impacts of climate change are becoming more and more obvious in Thuan Chau district in general and 04 project communes in particular.



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