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New project on climate change communications and advocacy of VNGO&CC ready to roll

On February 20th 2014, in Hanoi, the Launching and Planning Workshop of the project “Strengthening the Role of VNGO in Climate Change Communication and Policy Advocacy” was organized by the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), on behalf of the Steering Committee of Vietnamese Non-Governmental Organization and Climate Change Network (VNGO&CC). 

The project, which will be implemented in 2 years from January 2014 to December 2015 with technical and financial supports from Department of Foreign Affair and Trade (DAFT) (or the former AusAID), aims at improving the effectiveness of climate change response programs and supporting vulnerable communities through increasing the involvement of NGOs in policy formulation and enforcement.


 The Steering Committee of VNGO&CC Network

Since its establishment in 2008, with the support from international organizations  especially the Embassy of Finland, the VNGO&CC network has organized numerous capacity building activities on climate change for its member organizations, as well as effectively cooperated with governmental agencies in improving people’s awareness on climate change. The operation of VNGO&CC has been highly recognized not only by the communities but also by donors, development agencies and the Government. With experience gained from previous projects, the Network hope to make more significant progress in developing its internal capacity and in facilitating the introduction of effective climate change policy at all levels.


Participant discussing the project’s implementation plan

At the workshop, overview of the project including its overall objectives as well as its budget allocation were introduced to representatives of VNGO&CC’s member organizations and other related parties. Participants in the workshop also enter into group discussions to clarify roles and work arrangements among members of the networks. Last but not least, another important output of the workshop was the completion of a detailed Monitoring and Evaluation Plan which were agreed upon by all members and partners of the Network.

As of January 2014, over 100 organizations nationwide have registered to join VNGO&CC network. Currently, the Steering Committee of the networks consists of 5 organizations, which are the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), the Centre for Marinelife Conservation and Community Development (MCD), The Centre for Community Health and Development (COHED), The Centre for Rural Development in Central (CRD) and Delta Research and Global Observation Network (DRAGON) institute.

You can download workshop photos here and documents here


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