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The active engagement of VNGO-FLEGT Network in the process of VPA/FLEGT in Vietnam

In the early of April 2017, VNGO-FLEGT Network and SRD, with the collaboration of relating agencies, organized closing workshop for the project "Promoting FLEGT in Southeast Asia Through Proactive Participation of CSO Engagement". This project is funded by the European Union (EU) through FERN and implemented from 2014 to May 2017 in five countries, including: Vietnam, Lao, Cambodia, Thailand, and Malaysia. In Vietnam, the project has been managed and implemented by SRD as the Chair of VNGO-FLEGT Network.

After more than three years of implementation, a number of positive outcomes have been achieved: (i) VNGO-FLEGT Network is developed regarding the number of organization members and its higher position recognized. The Network is considered as an important partner that need to be consulted in the implementation process of FLEGT, REDD+, and Forest Management; (ii) Capacity on Research, Policy Advocacy, and Communication of all organization members have been improved significantly; (iii) Technical comments and inputs for several policies and programs in forest development and protection and VPA/FLEGT negotiation process have been considered by VNFOREST and the Vietnam-EU negotiation delegation; and (iv) Local authorities, CSOs, and local resident who their lives mostly depend on the forest are now easier to access to the information about VPA/FLEGT and REDD+.

On behalf of the VNGO-FLEGT Network, SRD would like to express its deep gratitude to VNFOREST and relating government agencies from Central to local level for your effective cooperation and support during the project's implementation. We also thank you EU and FERN for your financial and technical support to ensure expected outcomes to be achieved. Especially, we truly acknowledge the active participation of poor communities, local forest-dependent households, and enterprises having the service of trading, transporting and processing timbers, and so on during the VPA negotiation. The voice of local communities and CSOs have been heard, considered and taken into consideration, contributing an important part in the negotiation process for the Agreement to be signed recently. This will help to contribute to the objectives of hunger eradication and poverty reduction, employment security and protection for the rights of forest-dependent people in Vietnam.

We would like to introduce a short documentary with opinions and reflections of representatives from Government agencies, VNGO-FLEGT, and donors about this meaningful project.
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