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First aids training for the rapid response team

"Impressive and practical" is what Mrs. Tran Thi Trang, member of Hai An rapid response team shared after attending the first aids training held by the project "Community for disaster risk reduction" funded by Caritas Australia through the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development. The training was conducted on March 28-30th 2017 for the members of the rapid response teams, who will thereafter be able to support their villagers and community before, during and after the disaster with a view to minimize the potential human and asset loss.

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Group picture of training participants

20 participants from the 3 project communes are able to learn, to share practical knowledge of first aids and to exercise skills of rescue. The trainer emphasized "The life of a victim depends a lot on the first 5 minutes after the accident. It is therefore necessary to do the first aids on site during this period, otherwise the victim's life could be threatened. However, there are many cases in reality that the situation of a victim can be worse due to incorrect first aids".
Being aware of the first aids' importance during the disaster, the participants spent a lot of time to practice skills of helping victims in cases of temporarily stop breathing, bleeding, bone fracture, being burnt, being drown, safe moving, etc. The participants also exercised other outdoor skills such as housing reinforcement, evacuation, saving life from being drown in the sea. Sharing right after the training ended "We are thankful to the project for this very useful and practical training which is relevant to us in this low land area, where disaster often happens. The training helps build the onsite force to support the community in actively coping with the disaster."
The first aids training is one of the activities of the project named "Community for Disaster risk reduction" - VM031-2 with an aim of enabling the vulnerables to better cope with disaster through strengthening resilience and livelihood.

Training pictures

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Practising skill of saving life for a drown victim

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Village response team is the key force to support the community

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Life of a victim depends a lot on the first 5 minutes of first aids

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Exercising housing reinforcement

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The training helps build onsite task force

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