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One of the orientations of the VNGO-FLEGT Network after the signing of the VPA / FLEGT is to provide input into the process of formulating, amending and supplementing documents, policies and programs on forest management, protection and development in the context of VPA / FLEGT. As a result, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) is collecting comments on the draft Circular providing regulations on documents of timber exploitation, management and traceability. SRD, as the chair of the VNGO-FLEGT Network has been working with Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations to organize the workshop to comment on the draft Circular.
This circular covers the entire regulations on timber supply chain, documentation and traceability, which is important for the implementation of VPA / FLEGT. These highly complex content requires many commenters, especially from whom directly affected, to ensure their appropriateness and feasibility. A team of forest experts was invited to conduct research and make comments, and to discuss further with the representatives of the Forest Protection Department, SRD and VUSTA about these comments. The workshop attracted the participation of more than 40 participants from Forest Protection Department, Vietnam Administration of Forestry, timber associations, local forestry protection agencies, timber harvesting, trading, transportation and processing businesses and VNGO member organizations.
Agreed suggestions for the draft circular will be included in the official document sent to the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.
This activity is funded by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) within the framework of the project "Monitoring the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) impacts in the context of FLEGT and REDD + by the Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)".

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Mrs. Nguyen Kim Ngan - SRD's Director and Mr. Le Cong Luong -  Deputy Secretary-General cum Chief of VUSTA co-chair the workshop

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The participants comment on the Circular

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