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On the 23rd to the 24th of August, Ms. Nguyen Kim Ngan, SRD’s Director, and Mr. Bui Quoc Quan , SRD’s Project Officer, visited the project sites in Son La. The purpose of the trip was to evaluate the results of the project after six months of operation, and to discuss future improvements and developments.

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During their visit, Ms. Ngan and Mr. Quan had a meeting with the Project Management Team in Muoi Noi and Bon Phung

communes in Thuan Chau district. In addition, Ms. Ngan attended two meetings with the Savings - Borrowing groups, and discussed with members from other project activities, such as climate smart rice (CSR), and breeding of indigenous chickens. 

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Furthermore, Ms. Ngan visited and discussed with representatives from indigenous poultry households. She was pleased to see that people have effectively applied breeding techniques from SRD's projects, such as, building cages for chicken and poultry for each age period, using biological pads when raising poultry, and preventing diseases through vaccination for chickens.

Ms. Ngan still reminded the households that they should not be subjective when applying shared techniques. In particular, households should not let their chickens and poultry out of their cages on rainy days, they should regularly check their cages, and should ensure that their poultry is in good health to prevent diseases.

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Members of the Project Management team and the group of lecturers shared the results of the project implementation from the first half of 2018. During this meeting, Ms. Ngan was able to share her experiences from her visit to the project activities in two communes, and provided some suggestions for implementation of future project. In particular, Ms. Ngan emphasized that the project needs to focus on reaching the target of a 25% increase in income for households, in order to successfully renovate at least one native glutinous rice variety. Moreover, in order to improve SRD’s communication and transparency, the results of the project should be shared with the departments and agencies at the provincial level and to the districts in Son La province.

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