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On October 25th, 2018, three cooperative groups for producing medicinal plants, were established in two project communes; Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province, and in Truong My village - Tam Thai commune. Afterwards, the VM057 Project Team organized a signing ceremony of contract principles on consuming of a medical plant - Solanum procumbens Lour Solanaceae.
The linkage between the producers has been confirmed by the VM057 Project team as the right direction to ensure the sustainability of the project. It is also the main principle in the implementation methodology of the project "Improving the livelihoods for the poor people in Phu Ninh district, Quang Nam province through medicinal plants and market development" funded by Manos Unidas.

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Representatives of parties contracted principals

Various important participants attended the signing ceremony, including the Director of Quang Nam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Director of Quang Nam Agricultural Promotion Center, Management Board and members of the cooperative groups, staff of the People's Committee of Tam Thai commune and project managers of VM057.
Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Vo Van Nghi, Director of Quang Nam Agricultural Promotion Center, emphasized that "the linkage in production is an important factor in the success of the production development, especially in agricultural production. This approach has been clarified by the State through specific regulations ". Mr. Nghi also stated that, "The VM057 project, though a small investment scale, is big in action which is suitable with the general policy of Quang Nam province."
The director of Quang Nam Pharmaceutical Joint Stock Company, Mr. Nguyen Lam Son, said "The company needs to buy about 160 tons of ca gai leo, which is equivalent to nearly 20 hectares of this medical plant. The company expects 2 communes to continues to increase the area of ca gai leo and become a stable and reliable source of raw materials.
Participants in the signing ceremony were pleased that they were able to support their communities in developing their production and avoiding the seasonal devaluation as the previous years.

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The parties happily The parties happily shook hands and exchanged hands and exchanged 

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