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Supporting People with Disabilities Through Home Visits and Rehabilitation Device Handover

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        Home visits and rehabilitation device support are two activities within the framework of the project "Empowering People with Disabilities (PwDs)" - VM064 funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT.    

       On November 10, 2020, the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) and PwD clubs of 7 communes (Phong Binh, Gio Hai, Gio Viet, Gio An, Gio Linh town and Trung Hai) handed over a number of rehabilitation devices such as wheelchairs, walking frame, and visual learning aids to PwDs and CwDs following the therapist's recommendations. This activity has assisted many PwDs and CwDs rehabilitate and live better, increased independence as well as ease the burden for family members.


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           "I have a child with a disability but until now I have seen such a wheelchair with bedpan under the seat. I could carry my girl to sunbathe outside when she was little; now I can't do it even if I want to. It will be more convenient with this wheelchair. Thank you!" said Mrs P.T.L, mother of a CwD from Gio Hai commune, subdivision II.

         Mr B.V.H, a father of a PwD from Phong Binh commune, subdivision II: "After their mother's death, we were in a very difficult situation so we couldn't afford to take care of my child like we used to. With the wheelchair provided by the project, any of us can take her out. being out will help improve her spirit and health."


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       So far, the home-based visits and rehabilitation devices provision have supported 88 adults and children with disabilities, of which 56 have been assisted and have had access to rehabilitation devices at home.


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