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Communication event on school violence prevention and cyber safety for building good friendships among students

This event falls under the first objective of the project “Together We Can” - VM075 which centres on creating a safe living environment by teaching risk detection and safeguarding skills in relation to the subject of school violence prevention, safe access and use of social media, and cyber safety for building a good friendship. The event was held at the Trieu Tai Secondary School on May 11th, 2024, in collaboration with the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) and the Trieu Tai Commune People’s Committee, funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT. 

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This communications event aimed to not only raise awareness but to share students about the harms and dangers of school violence and online safety. In addition, this the event aimed to guide students how to identify these unrealised risks and what preventative measures can be taken. This was done by students engaging with one another using practical and consulting skills, which can then be later applied to real-life situations which builds the student’s capabilities and safeguarding skills. There was a total of 207 students who participated in the communications event from grades 6th to 9th with 21 teachers, 1 parents' representative and 2 commune staff also in attendance. 

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Quotes from attendees and participants of the event: 

Principal: Today's communication activity gave us and the students a lot of information and messages about school violence and the use of the social media so they know what should and should not be done to stay away from school violence. Cyber violence also affects many of our children and their friends. Many children have been affected by violence in cyberspace, leading to anxiety, depression, and stress, affecting not only their physical, mental, and educational performance, so we hope you as students leanr and know how to use the social media safely and suitable for children's needs and ages. 

One student at grade 9th: There are a lot of useful and interesting information and lessons for us as students so that we can avoid and prevent school violence and be safe in cyberspace. This communication helped our students understand and learn. I learned many new things through which I found the extracurriculars useful and fun. 

Student at grade 8th: The extracurriculars is very useful because there is a lot of knowledge and information on how to handle and apply it to real life. If there is such a situation, we will share and look for support and respond appropriately without letting anger overwhelm our way of handling things. 

Student at grade 6th: School violence exists and is widespread. The school has established a school violence prevention club with many communication and support activities and a consulting room. There have been no cases of school violence. School violence must be eliminated so we all can happily get along and have beautiful friendships. 

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