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Unlock Your Potential: Learning Interpersonal Skills for Personal Development

On the 16th and 17th of June 2024, as a part of the project “Together We Can” - VM075 the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development organised a training on developing interpersonal skills in the Quang Tri province. This training was funded by Caritas Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). There were 28 participants present at the training some of whom were new or returning participants who are villagers, caregivers, or a person with a disability (PWDs) who took part in the project’s household or group livelihood activity or a member of a village loans and savings association (VSLA).  

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This training aimed to develop participant’s key life skills such as communication, active listening, teamwork, presentation and problem-solving skills as well as enhancing their ability to connect and collaborate more effectively in both personal and professional settings. Not only that it also aimed to teach women and PWDs how to express themselves by building their confidence in social situations with conversational skills. Participants also had the chance to practice these skills for themselves in role-playing exercises in different work environments, which they presented in groups. Thus, allowing them to better understand and navigate different real-world situations in a safe learning environment. They learned the importance of communicating clearly using simple language and how to express themselves using their body language. The training facilitated a supportive environment that encouraged open conversation and feedback and enabled participants to enhance their presentation skills and learn from one another. Additionally, the training participants got to learn how to manage bookkeeping for their livelihood activities to record their income profits or decreases and any advantages or disadvantages of the activities.  

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Quotes from participants: 

“This is the first time I have joined a project training outside the commune level. In the last year I have received capital support from the project to invest in my household livelihood activities to buy a cow that I can raise and breed, it has since had a calf. I wish to continue growing my livelihood activity to increase my income. I have one recommendation for the project and that is there should be more trainings like this more often. I also like that I get to connect with other people from different communes. This training has taught me how to develop my communication skills. I can now comfortably speak publicly about my livelihood activity, and I have learned a lot about other participants too.”  

“This is my first time attending a training like this, I am not a very open person, so I find it challenging to communicate with others, especially in a public setting. I found the training useful as I learn to be more self-confident, to speak with people more, and to meet new people. I have a mobility disability, but this project has enabled me to take part in activities by organising transportation for participants to activities outside of the commune. For activities at commune level, I still need my husband’s help to travel there. I will share what I have learned with others as well as encourage them to join in training like this. I will also recommend other project activities as they are accessible and enjoyable, they help me become more confident.” 

“Since I joined the SRD project, I have found the opportunities to take part in different activities a source of happiness because the training helps me meet other people and other women. I have a speaking difficulty, but I have learned to overcome my disability by practising and building my confidence to try and express myself so that I can be better next time. I may have difficulty speaking but I enjoy taking part and improving my communication skills. This project provides many opportunities for people like me with a disability, not only with the training but other activities that improve our income, our lives and build/strengthen our community. I have received capital support from the project to raise pigs and chickens. I also know the project supports others with housing reinforcement or the community classes. I am very thankful to those involved and I look forward to more support in the future for people like me to build better opportunities.” 

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