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During the previous year 2017, SRD worked closely with government authorities and technical agencies at all levels in order to successfully implement projects and programs with positive outcomes.

SRD would like to introduce a thank you letter from provincial partner in Thanh Hoa province under the cooperation for Vietnam Forests and Delta (VFD) program.

We hope to receive the effective cooperation and collaboration from you all for the sustainable development of the poor communities in Vietnam in the year 2018.



Dear Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD),

Firstly, on behalf of Management Board of ForestS and Delta (VFD) program at Thanh Hoa, I would like to express the best wishes of good health, success to Management Board and all staff of SRD.

VFD program, funded by USAID, is implemented in 4 provinces including Thanh Hoa. The VFD operates during period of 2012 – 2017, and Project Management Board in Thanh Hoa has pleasure to cooperate with SRD to run this project.

After 5 years of cooperation, we are very impressed by professional working attitude, experience, great efforts of Management Board and staff of SRD in the area of community development, rural development generally, and achievements in the VFD in Thanh Hoa particularly. Activities implemented by SRD in the VFD were of great success with good recognition of local communities and government agencies. SRD's effort was regarded as practically useful and in compliance with socio-economic development of the district, for example, smart rice cultivation model resilient to climate change, bee raising for honey in mangrove forest, cooperation with enterprises and cooperatives's members for herbal medicine tree development, training courses on cooperatives management, communication on payment of forest environment service (PFES) and REDD+ at localities...

We have been in companion for 5 years, and we obviously recognize that SRD is a professional organization, and a trustworthy partner in many areas. This statement is based on success of the VFD with cooperation and respect, strategic vision of SRD for sustainable rural and agriculture development.

On behalf of VFD Project Management Board in Thanh Hoa, I would like to express our sincere thank to SRD, and we wish SRD of further development and success in your future for posperity of Vietnam.

On Behalf of Project Management Board
(Signed and sealed)

Le Cong Cuong
Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Thanh Hoa province - Management Board of Forests and Delta (VFD) program


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