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It has been almost six months since the "Towards a sustainable livelihood of the poor single women-headed household by applying climate samrt agriculture approach in Tĩnh Gia district, Thanh Hóa Province" ended, but the activities of the Farmer Interest Groups (FIGs), such as the SRI cultivation groups, poultry farming groups, VSLA group are maintained regularly. Besides, thanks to the loans from VSLA, Ninh Hai Commune Women's Union has actively sought and developed new models for women such as chicken egg incubator model and handmade bamboo lantern model for additional income. This is one of the most obvious demonstrations of positive change in the single women-headed household who used to be always shy and unconfident. At the same time, it shows a further step of the Commune Women's Union in supporting single women.

2018-05-08 17-compresse

Mrs. Nguyen Kim Ngan, SRD's Executive Director introduces the VSLA group members to SRD's consultants

VSLA 8.9

Group photo of SRD and a VSLA group in Ninh Hai Commune

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The model of making lanterns from bamboo developed by Hai Ninh Commune Women's Union

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The chicken egg incubator model brings a stable amount of additional income

den long

Group photo of SRD and a lantern making group in Ninh Hai commune

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People are pulling the fish net early in the morning

This activity requires members from 16 households and normally lasts from 3-4 hours

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A good catch after nearly 4 hours

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Pure joy of having a great deal of fresh fishes at good price

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A group photo of SRD and the single women- headed households working at Tinh Gia Fish Sauce JSC

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