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To response to the National Action Month for Children 2018 and Children's Day 2018, on May 25, 2018, Gio Linh District Union, in collaboration with the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), RENEW Project Coordination Office and Quang Tri Province Children and Youth Center organized the "CREATIVE SUMMER CAMP ABOUT CHILDREN'S RIGHTS AND CHILD ACCIDENT PREVENTION," The camp held to encourage pupils to engage in communication, health education and life skills, to learn about children's rights, the harms and how to prevent landmine accidents and injuries before entering the summer vacation. At the same time, the camp focused on creating a healthy and interesting playground for children. The camp attracted the participation of many delegates, teachers and nearly 200 pupils from Gio Linh, Cua Viet, Gio An, Gio Hai, Gio Mai, Gio Phong, Hai Thai, Gio Mỹ, Trung Son, Gio Thanh Town.

This is a practical and useful activity to help children learn through experience, to participate in sports and art activities, as well as learn more skills and knowledge to protect themselves from accidents and injuries.

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Pupils participated on a drawing contest about child rights and accident prevention

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"If I could live again, I will join hands with everyone to build a safe living environment for all children",

from the play named the "Second chance" by Gio My Commune Union

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A play about creating a safe playground for schoolchildren and protecting them from deadly threat of mines and explosives

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Drowning Prevention & Water Safety Training

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