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Muoi Noi is one of the two poorest communes in Thuan Chau district of Son La province that is participating in the project "Conservation and development of agro-biodiversity for poor people in response to climate change in Son La province". This project is sponsored by Bread for the World and Manos Unidas, and is conducted by SRD since January 2018.

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In Sang village, one of the poorest villages in Muoi Nang Commune involved in the project, Ms. Lo Thi Loan is living with her husband and two children. Ms. Loan actively participated in the project activities, and believed that ethnic minority women from poor villages have the right to participate, study farming techniques such as raising poultry to improve livelihood, increase income for the family, ensure food security, and adapt to climate change.
After participating in the project in 2018, Ms. Loan has been able to apply the knowledge and techniques to breed indigenous chickens at home. Previously, nearly 80% of her chickens ended up with a disease. Nevertheless, since she participated in our training on animal raising, the rate of her chicken's survival has significantly improved. At the training, Ms. Loan learned how to protect her chickens by keeping them in their cages while the weather is cold or rainy, preventing any diseases or death. In addition, Ms. Loan's house has improved the way they make chicken cages, by separating areas based on ages. The family also bought medicine for the chickens to prevent diseases. Finally, Ms. Loan was been instructed by the project offices to use biopers as biological pads to increase hygiene conditions for cages, reduce disease and improve the chicken's health.

lo thi loan

Her brood of chickens has about 50 chickens from young to old age that are healthy and energetic. Currently, Mrs. Loan has sold about 20 chickens and earned about 2.2 million VND.
Her family is happy to have more income to spend on the children's education and livelihoods.
When we visited the family, and learned about the breeding activities, her husband was very excited to share that "the application of breeding techniques under the project is much better than the way in which he did before". His family's life quality had evidently improved.

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