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Let's try to be better and better
From 8th to 15th June And 22nd – 24th June, SRD collaborated with the Plantation and Plant Protection Department of Son La province, People's Committee ò Thuan Chau District and People's Committee of Muoi Noi and Bon Phang Communes held 08 field workshops on the Climate Smart Rice (CSR) model. This activity is within the framework of the project Agro-biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to climate change, Son La Province" sponsored by Bread for the World. and Manos Unidas.
There were about 40 - 50 representatives from provincial, district and commune level who attended in each workshop. Participants visited model fields, observed and shared about the methods, implementation procedures and results of CSR rice cultivation process demonstrated in the fields. After that, at the hall, representatives, residents and students of the 8 villages continued to exchange and share more experiences and results about the above activities.
In the 2019 Spring crop, the trial project tested two additional trial experiments, which were transplanted in rows 30cm x 15cm following the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) and experiments on deeply buried manure. The results showed that the experiment on rice transplanted in rows as the SRI method helped the rice to grow and develop very well because it caught a lot of sunlight, allowed plants to grow healthily, ensured high population of microorganisms and promoted pest natural enemies in the field etc. For the experiment of deeply buried manure, the results were also initially positive but there are some issues to note that: it is impossible to use deep composting for all fields of the people in 4 project villages ò Bon Phang commune, because deep composting was not suitable for fields with a high proportion of sandy soil and fields that are not actively irrigated and drained.
At the workshop, all the fields using CSR model had an additional cost table to account for economic fee in rice cultivation. The measured results confirmed that, if the people implanted according to the project's guidelines, they would have a higher profit of 2 million - 2.5 million VND / 1,000m2 (excluding care).
At the workshop, the comments below have been shared by many students and representatives with the same opinions:
"In this spring season, basing on project’s guidelines, my family applied CSR rice transplanting with an increase up to about 500m2 instead of 200m2 as in the 2018 season, and had nearly 3 more bags of rice for the family (about 100kg) ..." - Mr. Deo Van Hoa, a student of Ban Than village, Muoi Noi Commune.
“It was not easy from the time going to school to apply knowledge into the family's rice fields because I am a daughter-in-law, and young, so it took me a lot of time and effort to convince my parents to plant rice as recommended in the project. My parents-in-law did not listen to me, but I persuaded my grandparents to give me a test plot of about 100m2 at the end of 2018, and this year I would like to add another 100m2 to 200m2 plot for planting rice under the project. Recently, my parents-in-law went to harvest and they believed in its success, so my family will transplant all the area in the next season... ”- Ms. Bac Thi Bien, a student of Keo Phay village, Bon Phang commune.
“Transplanting by SRI method and by deep composting have great results. However, when my family applied them into the fields, it can be seen that the compost was very good at some places and it was not effective in others. After asking and discussing with the trainers, I realized that my land was uneven, the ground level was not equal, some places were high, some were low so the water level was not even, so problems could happen. However, in terms of the whole field, the yield is still very good ... ”- Mr. Quang Van Binh, student of Na Ne village, Bon Phang commune.
“I am very happy to be invited to attend 2 workshops at Bo village and Than village of Muoi Noi commune. I also went to around 2 model fields, directly holding and watching the rice-fields in 2 fields, it was really good, especially rice fields in Bo village. The rice is very hard and strong, the number of rice fields per bunch is from 12-16. The rice-paddies were longer than that of local people, the number of tailings is very small ... I really liked it so in the upcoming meeting I will tell and mobilize my relatives to go to the Bo village and Nguong village to learn and follow SRI method. It is also expected that the project side will create conditions for some people in my village to attend this training course, then they will talk to the villagers in the village to gradually replicate it ... ”- Mr. Lo Van Hac, Bi Phieng Bong, Muoi Noi commune (the village has not participated in the project).
As for SRD, in addition to positive evaluations and encouragement for people to maintain and replicate the good models of the project, the managers, experts and program officers also commented that the local government, local people should have a plan as well as a commitment to limit or not burn straw after harvesting but instead keeping them into compost to fertilize the field. Then, they need to further limit the use of chemical fertilizers to develop the microbial system for the field and prolong the harvest time (maybe 5 - 7 days) instead of early harvest as now.


                                             Representatives and trainees visited the model field in Than village, Muoi Noi commune


                                          Representatives and trainees visited the model field at Bo village, Muoi Noi commune


                                          Representatives and trainees visited the field model at Keo Phay village, Bon Phang commune


                                                              Representatives and trainees visited the field in Na Toi village, Bon Phang commune


                           Rice of the model field (left) and rice of the transplanted people (on the right) with the same kind, in the same day


                                                                                        Trainees shared, reported at the workshop


                                                                 Representatives of SRD, local authorities shared their comments at the workshops

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