Đối tác chiến lược của

noi that hoa phat

Together, we share difficulties and sweetness, we hold hands as we walk together

Since its origin, the project “Agro-biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to Climate Change in Son La province” has focused on including, teaching, and sharing the stories, results, and contributions of both men and women. With this being said, workshops on gender roles and equality took place in eight project villages in the communes of Muoi Noi and Bon Phang, Son La province. 297 participants, made up of 113 men and 184 women, took part in the trainings. Approximately 85% of participants were middle-aged (40 years old or younger), 40% were young couples and 35% were teenagers (16-18).
The workshops included interesting and interactive exercises, short video clips, and realistic examples. Men and women were encouraged to participate, share, and ask questions. After each session, participants were satisfied and shared their positive feelings:
“I am very happy today with this talk from the teacher. As a mother-in-law, I have always loved my daughter-in-law as well as my own children. Today, my sister-in-law and my daughter-in-law came here together, and my mother and I went together. We had a lot of fun when talking with each other and participating”- Female, 48 years old, Keo Phay village.
“Today, the contents were interesting and even those who do not speak Vietnamese well, were able to follow along because it was so engaging. We have learned about household roles and now know to better divide tasks and not to let one person do too much of the work. The husband cannot have rights to do some specific things but not others. Like myself, I still do housework normally and it has no problem at all” - Male, 52 years old, Na Ne village.
"Working together as a community made me happy and allowed for a more comfortable discussion. We must try to find harmony with each other and love each other when life is very hard. I learned that if you keep arguing with each other all the time, it will not work" Male, 35 years old, Na Tua village.
“As a human being, everyone has the right to life, everyone must respect each other despite having many different personalities. In the family, the husband and wife have to respect each other even more, not to use power or tricks to pressure each other and cause stress. Therefore, this talk is very rewarding to me and everyone since it helps us be happy and comfortable”. Female, 16 years old, Na Ne village.
Here are some pictures of the activity:

Ảnh 1 - những khoảnh khắc vui nhộn
 Funny moments

Ảnh 2 - Những thảo luận vui vẻ
 Exciting discussions

Ảnh 3 - Những chia sẻ đầy ý nghĩa và tâm huyết
The meaningful and passionate sharing

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