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noi that hoa phat

Everyone is an artist, let the passion lead the way

“Excited” and “exuberant” are adjectives that can be used to describe the feeling of the twenty-five members of the nine People with Disabilities (PWD) clubs in Gio Linh District during the project activities on December 23rd-24th. The clubs participated in training sessions that gave them the opportunity to tell stories using photos – Photovoice.
Members learned about the basic principles of photography and discussed how pictures could be used to complement written stories of change. Participants were encouraged that “everyone is an artist” and to “let the passion lead the way”. After two days of training, group exercises, and discussion, members were eager to begin using their new skills to show change and progress within their community. Ms. NTT, a member of the Gio An Commune Disabled Club, said happily, “I feel more confident! I want to learn more so I can take beautiful, meaningful, soulful pictures and write good stories that deliver content to readers.” Ms. NTL - a member of Gio My Commune PwDs Club was excited with her own progress: “In the past, I could not take good photos, but through training, I am learning more and taking better pictures. I promise that I will take some beautiful photos after today”.
This activity was organized within the project "Empowering people with disabilities" in Gio Linh district, funded by Caritas Australia and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) and implemented by the Center for Sustainable Rural Development.




Look at the pictures together 


 Let's practice taking photos


Get to know the camera 


Group discussion on writing stories of changes


Presentation of group practice results 


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