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Promote and support the management and regulation of domestic water in the project communes

Water plays a vital role in every in the life of human being. Particularly, people in the northwestern highlands of Vietnam are facing the shortage of water in recent years due to adverse weather conditions such as severe cold, frost, rain, landslides and drought, etc.

Within the framework of the project "Mitigation and adaptation to climate change in the agriculture and forestry sector of the Northwestern highlands", funded by Bread for the World (Germany), the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD) coordinated with partners in Son La province and Thuan Chau district to support villages of 4 project communes in implementing the management, regulation and maintenance of water works and water plants from June 3rd to June 8th, 2022.


The sessions were discussions between the group of officials from SRD, Son La Sub-Department of Plantation and Plant Protection and Son La Provincial Centre for Rural Water Supply and Environmental Sanitation with representatives of the Management Boards, representatives of water management teams and people. Those discussions focused on the situation in management, regulation and maintenance of water works and domestic water systems. Furthermore, some solutions were provided to handle the existing conflicts in the villages, as well as good practices and initiatives also were shared.

All villages shared that the rainfall in 2022 is slightly more than in 2021 or earlier, making the shortage of water not as common as in previous years, especially in some villages such as Bo Village and Muoi Noi Village (Two villages often have to buy water for use from February to May). Besides the objective favorable factors in weather, water management and regulation in the first 6 months of 2022 also had some positive points such as the use of domestic water for production and livestock has been tightened; the theft or vandalism of each other's water pipes have been also limited; and many households have become more aware and proactive in storing rainwater for use.


In terms of initiatives in the management, regulation and maintenance of water works and water plants in the villages, villagers had some sharing as follows: (1) It is necessary to mobilize people to actively contribute money and labor to upgrade and build high walls around the water plants to prevent the soil from overflowing in the rainy season. clogging the pipes (This initiative has been implemented in Nong O Village, Bon Phang commune); (2) It is necessary to proactively clean the filter sedimentation tanks after each heavy rain to avoid sandy soils and leaves; (3) It is necessary to regularly and persistently bring violations of regulations on water use such as improper use of domestic water for production and aquaculture or destruction of water pipes to discuss and jointly seek solutions. Regarding the adaptation to the shortage of water in the dry season, many people agreed was to continue using water tanks, tanks to take advantage of rain water. Moreover, the loudspeakers systems of villages have also been used to communicate so that all people adhere to the proper use of domestic water sources. Additionally, it is also necessary to discuss and agree on solutions to handle households with bad behaviors.



In the coming time, SRD will continue to coordinate with partners in Son La, the People's Committee of the 4 project communes and villages to perform the following tasks: (1) To check, record and update the situation of floods, landslides in the next 3 months; (2) To actively maintain and repair the tanks, filtration tanks and pipes, especially after each heavy rain. These tasks will be performed by the village management board and members of water management groups and representatives of self-management joint groups; (3) To communicate and integrate the contents on water regulation and management into the village meetings, particularly to encourage people not to destroy each other's pipes or spray herbicide chemicals around the water area. Additionally, there will be discussions and sharing with SRD in the coming time and 2023.


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