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Continuing the chain of activities to build pilot models to contribute to ensuring people's livelihoods and raising awareness of forest protection and biodiversity protection within the framework of the project " Safeguarding globally important forests by improving livelihoods and strengthening governance in Mu Cang Chai species habitat conservation area of Yen Bai province (MCC SHCA), and Muong La nature reserve (MLNR) of Son La province, Viet Nam”, From March 3, 2023 to March 4, 2023, SRD staff collaborated with local officials of FFI and Department of Agriculture of Muong La district to conduct the training course on growing environmentally friendly tomatoes for farmers in Ngoc Chien commune, Muong La district, Son La province.

With the goal of developing stable livelihoods for communities living near the forest so that people can rest assured to protect forests and protect biodiversity, the project has planned to support households in building demonstration on off-season vegetable cultivation, such as tomatoes, zucchini, potatoes, bio-secure livestock and poultry farming, and market linkage. The results of the models will be used as a model for people to learn, through local authorities at all levels to replicate in communities.

At the training course, Mr. Lu Van Quy, Head of Agriculture Department of Muong La district, directly guided farmers in theory and practice under the support of technical staff of Thanh Cong Agricultural Cooperative. Farmers have been directly selected seedlings and planted right in the field under the meticulous guidance of agricultural extension officers. This "hands-on" method will be applied throughout the growing season, from planting, to care, pest management, harvesting, storage and market connection. At the end of the training course, 100% of the farmers understood and practiced the methods of tillage, fertilizing, selecting seedlings, planting and taking care of newly planted tomatoes.

Some pictures of the training course:



Figure 1: Project staffs inspecting the site before the training day




Figure 2: Mr. Lu Van Quy is introducing the theory of tomato farming


Tap huan A 3

Figure 3: Farmers practice planting tomatoes in the field


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