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SRD’s Executive Director spoke at the Launching of Four (4) important plans of Nghe An province within the USAID-funded Vietnam Forests and Deltas project- VFD

On 23rd November, Nghe An People’s Committee held the Conference on announcing results of provincial forest inventory, Provincial REDD+ Action Plan (PRAP), material forest planning and evaluation of 10 year biosphere reserves of West Nghe An in Vinh city, Nghe An province. Through this conference, provincial leaders of Nghe An expected to mobilize resources not only in Nghe An but also across Vietnam and from international organizations in order to successfully implement strategic planning on forest-material zone development, deforestation and forest degradation reduction and evaluation to recognize “the West Biosphere Reserves” with the objective of working towards sustainable forest development until 2020. The conference attracted representatives from Office of the Government, Vietnam Administration of Forestry, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and International organizations including Winrock International, SNV, SRD, MAB National Committee of Vietnam. Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, SRD’s Executive Director, made a speech in which she highly appreciated the efforts of the province during the last 4 years, especially the contributions of VFD project. She also highlighted VFD staff’s contributions, in association with WI, SNV, SRD in providing Nghe An with the support for mitigating deforestation and forest degradation, thereby contributing to sustainable forest management and protection in the context of Climate Change through specific activities such as: developing livelihoods to reduce pressures on forest resources, to enhance capacities of climate change adaption and awareness raising activities about Climate Change, REDD+ and PFES.

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An overview of the Conference

Ông Vũ Xuân Thôn

Mr. Vu Xuan Thon, the Chair of Management Board of Forestry projects, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development

 Ông Võ Đình Tuyên 

Mr. Vo Dinh Tuyen, Deputy Director of Department of Sectionial Economy - Office of the Government

Ông Đinh Viết Hồng 

Mr. Dinh Viet Hong, Vice Chairman of Nghe An province

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Mr. Brian Bean, Director of VFD Program Vietnam

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Ms. Vu Thi Bich Hop, Executive Director of SRD

Ms Vu Thi Bich Hop also concluded her speech with the commitment of continuing to support Nghe An province in implementing plans and strategies through VFD’s project activities in the 5th year, including community-based ecotourism model development, biodiversity conservation through herbal species preservation model development in national preservations and parks, thereby contributing to enhancing the ability of forest carbon sequestration and sustainable forest management to promote the provincial socio-economic development and achieve 17 sustainable development objectives of United Nations. Being a local NGO with its strength on implementing communication strategies about raising community’s awareness, bringing specific policies and guidelines of the Government to the grassroots level, SRD will actively support Nghe An in documenting models and successful case studies of VFD project with the aim of sharing and replicating to other provinces across Vietnam. SRD is also willing to participate in monitoring, assessing the implementation of REDD+ and PRAP and the evaluation of 10 year Biosphere Reserves in West Nghe An, contributing to the success of these strategies.



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