Đối tác chiến lược của

noi that hoa phat


Small-scale, individual and self-cultivation is a long-standing practice of the Thai people in Muối Nọi and Bon Phặng Communes, Thuận Châu District, Sơn La Province. Such practice limits many opportunities, potentials and internal capacities of the households here.

The "Agro- biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to climate change- Son La Province" project implemented by SRD and Sơn La Sub-Department of Plant Protection since the beginning of 2018 has suppoted people living in the eight poorest villages of Muổi Nọi and Bon Phặng Communes maximizing their resources and taking opportunities of applying technological advances to conserve and develop indigenous plants and animals.

From February 2018 to March 2018, SRD succesfully promoted the establishment of eight chicken interest groups and eight Climate Smart Rice (CSR) cultivation groups with the participation of nearly 250 poor farmers. Representatives of FIGs proactively discussed the benefits and significance of cooperative groups as well as the group working regulations. The participants join the group voluntarily with a desire of sharing and learning experience on cultivation, animal husbandry, product marketing as well as strengthening social relations. In addition, the training plan is developed to be appropriate for the cultivation cycle of the village to ensure the highest participation as possible.

Establishing interest groups is a way to maximize the available resources of each household and increase the cohesion between the team members. This method is well received by almost all of the participating households


thuc day thanh lap nhom

SRD's trainer motivates local people to form interest groups

huong dan thao luan quy che nhom

SRD's trainer leads the group discussion on the group working regulations

Nguoi dan thao luan ve quy che nhom

People discuss on the group working regulations

nhom so thich

Members of a Farmer Interest Group

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