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noi that hoa phat


"I thought that poor and illiterate people like me would never be able to join the VSLA, but today, after a VSLA training with SRD officers, I realized that VSLA is a really interesting model and even an illiterate person can be able to participate in. Therfore, I registered to join the group immediately "- cheerfully shared by Mrs. Lò Thị Khua in Bó village, Muổi Nọi Commune, Thuận Châu District, Sơn La Province.

From March 27, 2018 to April 8, 2018, the "Agro- biodiversity conservation and development for poor communities in response to climate change- Son La Province" project succesfully promoted the establishment of 8 VSLA group in eight hamlets of Muổi Nọi and Bon Phặng with the participation of 220 households (of which 170 are poor and nearly poor households and more than 80% of them are women). The VSLA model will help poor and nearly poor households create a habit of saving, self-contributing and sharing within the community. The savings mobilized from VSLA will be used for production activities, house repairment, breeding facilities and education for children. VSLA group is where its members can share and exchange experiences and thoughts about life, and increasing their roles and voices in the community, especially for female members.

After the establishment, members of eight VSLA groups have deposited savings in the very first session. The total amount of savings mobilized in the first day was VND10,640,000, which provided 17 poor / nearly poor families with loans from VND500,000-700,000 to buy seedlings, fertilizers, rice bags and pay school fees for children. These eight VSLA groups also raised VND1,125,000 in social funds for sick visits of group members and other community activities.

Mr. Lò Văn Oán - Deputy head of Sàng village (where has the smallest number of VSLA participants), Muổi Nọi Commune, Thuận Châu District, Sơn La Province- after joining VSLA group in his village, said "The people here are very poor. With VSLA, just by saving little by little, we could welcome Tet festival happily. Loans of 500,000 VND from the model can also help people pay tuition fees for their children or buy rice bags for the whole family. For Sàng vilage, even thought there are only 20 people signed up, I believe with the postitive impacts of this model, more and more people will join the group."

nguoi dan tham gia VSLA

People are very happy and excited to join the VSLA group

huong dan van hanh VSLA

SRD trainer guides people how to organize and operate the VSLA

ban giao cong cu VSLA

SRD project officer hands over the VSLA toolkit to the group representative


The VSLA Management Team confidently runs the group meeting

Vay tien

"Today, with a loan of 640,000VND from the VSLA group, I can buy a bag of rice that enough for my family for more than a month. I am very happy and appreciate the savings group"- said Lườnng Thị Phỏng, Bó village, Muổi Nọi Commune

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