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Child protection is one of the priorities and cross-cutting themes of the Centre for Sustainable Rural Development and SRD’s donor, Caritas Australia (CA). Following the action plan, fiscal year 2023 – 2024 of the “Together We Can” project funded by Caritas Australia and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT); SRD collaborated with the project Steering Board and Commune People’s Committees in Trieu Phong district to organize three training courses on protection of children, preventing accident injury and preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment (PSEAH) at children in general and children with disabilities in particular. There were 71 participants who are PwDs and parents of children with disabilities (CwDs) attending the training courses from October 11-13, 2023.


“The training is very helpful. I learn and know the rights to development, protection and survival of children. It's not often that we are able to hear useful and practical knowledge like this. I will share later with my family and children so that everyone can better understand the rights of children and of children with disabilities, and how to recognize potential risks that can happen to children causing possible injury. I am very impressed with the exercise that discussed specific cases how to protect children and children with disabilities, without discrimination, and treat them equally, whether girl or boy." Shared by a mother having a child with disability.

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“I learned a lot of good knowledge about child protection and how to recognize and prevent abuse and injuries to children. I will go back and talk to my mother and my two children so that they know more about child's rights and their rights. I have two young children, so there can be many electrical and fire risks at home. After the training, I will pay attention to keeping flammable objects and electricity away from children." A sharing from a mother with disability.

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“Participating in the training, I learned a lot of knowledge about child protection and child care and that we should pay more attention to children. Because children are young and thus could be at risk of encountering a number of injury accidents at home, in school and in community. During the training activities, I liked the most a short film about a child who was dropped by his family due to a disability and then adopted by someone else who loved him very much. Thanks to that, the boy was able to recover after many years of persistent practice. I find it very interesting that parents who give birth to a child must take care of and live with. Even if the child has a disability, we should still accompany them and love them." A father having a child with disability shared.

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“Through the training, I learned a lot of useful knowledge about child care and protection. I understand more about how to prevent and minimize the risk of possible injury accidents to children at home. My child has an intellectual disability, so he doesn't pay attention to or being unaware of what he should and shouldn't do. I will be careful to keep objects such as electrical outlets away from him, remove the phone charging cord after charging, and close the lid of the well and water filter carefully after use”.

Over a year of implementation, the project has established two groups of parents with more than 25 members in two communes. Annually, the project in cooperation with the local partners organizes a number of training activities, sharing sessions, and exchange visits focusing on child protection, child' rights, accident and injury prevention as well as raising awareness of parents about child care, and protection; preventing sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment as an integral part in SRD’s and its donor’s policy coming into implementation from October 2020.



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