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On October 29, 2023, the second community-based class was organized and started in Bich La Dong village, Trieu Thanh commune, Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province. For the first time, a diverse and colorful class was held in a low-lying countryside, bringing joyful smiles after the rainy days of October, spreading joy that all participants got excited.

Chia s v hc hi t lp cng ng An Tr   Chia s v hc hi t lp cng ng Bnh Minh

Community-based classes in An Tru & Binh Minh

L. T. N Q, a child with disability, smiled brightly and said: "I've heard about the class for a sometime. I also followed my mother to visit the class in Gio Linh district. I was excited from the morning when hearing from my mother that the class would start this afternoon. I enjoy coloring and drawing with other friends." L. M.D.H also smiled brightly and said word by word, "I am very happy, I like being here in the class. I’ve just asked what time school would be tomorrow so my dad could carry me over here!"

A caregiver of a child with disability who took her child to class for the first time, excitedly shared, "There is a lot of fun here. I will then do my best to take my nephew here often. I usually take care of him at home, but it's just the two of us together, now we are here with many others, so enjoyable and clean. He is happy and I am happy too!”

Chng ta cng chi vui nh    Em nhn anh lm trc nh

Em nhn ny    Em thch t mu v v cng bn

This is the second community-based class established and put into operation within the scope of the project “Together We Can" funded by Caritas Australia and DFAT in Trieu Phong district, Quang Tri province, through the Center for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD). Prior to its establishment, the parent group, the Club of people with disabilities in Trieu Thanh commune had met to discuss how to organize class, the management job, looking for a room as a stable place for the class, mobilizing possible support from the community, visiting and learning from already operating classes such as the one in An Tru village, Trieu Tai commune and the other in Binh Minh village, Phong Binh commune, Gio Linh district. 

Em vui lm    Mai hc my gi  ba em ch ti

There are nearly 10 children and teenagers with different types of disabilities participating in the class, which is held 2 sessions on weekends, with each session in about 2 hours, combining learning and playing toys that children are fond of such as writing, reading, jigsaw, drawing, coloring, etc. Parents come with their children and stay afterward to clean up. Siblings are also encouraged to participate playing with their siblings so the parents can take care of both.


Mnh cng lp ghp no    Ngy u tin  lp cng ng Bch La ng

“At the start, everyone is very excited and happy. We hope that the parents will always accompany and stand side by side with the children so that they can participate fully and regularly, and that the joy will be doubled and spread not only among themselves and the parents but also to everyone in Trieu Thanh Club. The class is always open to welcome many other children and teenagers to join in the future!” Shared by Ms. H. T.N.Y, the Chair-woman of the Association of People with Disabilities in Trieu Thanh commune.

Nhm cha me nghe chia s t lp cng ng Bnh Minh    Say sa t v

According to the project plan, the community class will be associated with the community playground to promote inclusion, also creating a playground for not only children and adolescents, including children and adolescents with disabilities, but also for adults, especially women who will have time to share and rest together after a hard day of working in the field. These are also activities that mobilize the joint hand, cooperation and contributions of local authorities and people in the community, truly reflecting the name of the project "Together We Can".



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